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Popular cities and sights

Looking to visit Algeria? Check out these cities and spend time seeing some of the most popular sights in the country
La Casbah d'Alger
Musée de l'armée
Stade Olympique 5 Juillet 1962
Musée National des Antiquités
Musée des Beaux Arts
Cathedrale de Sacre Coeur
Great Synagogue of Oran
Le Theatre
Stade Ahmed Zabana
Stade 24 Fevrier 1956
Mosque of Sidi Bou Merouane
Basilica of St Augustine
Stade 19 Mai 1956
City Center Bridge
Emir Abdel Kader Mosque
Monument aux Morts
Palace of Ahmed Bey
Stade Chahid Hamlaoui
Gouraya National Park
Taza National Park
Theniet El Had National Park
Great Mosque of Tlemcen
Stade Birouana
Tlemcen National Park
Belezma National Park
Timgad Ruins
Beni Hammad Fort
Djemila Ruins

Cheapest flight routes to Algeria

These routes have the cheapest flights to Algeria found by momondo users
Departing Destination Best Price
Montreal Algiers 732 C$
Ottawa Algiers 871 C$
Toronto Algiers 1,044 C$
Québec City Algiers 1,109 C$
Vancouver Algiers 1,184 C$
Calgary Algiers 1,259 C$

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How do I get Price Alerts for flights to Algeria?

You can take advantage of momondo’s Price Alerts by first searching for your flights to Algeria. Flight offers will be shown to you in real-time. From there you can create a Price Alert by using our on-site widget.

How can I save money on flights to Algeria with momondo?

Plan your trips smart with the “Price Forecast” feature, which uses flight data to help you pick the best days to fly for the lowest fares. Our “Price Calendar” helps you get the most for your money by showing you when it’s most advantageous to fly. Curate your own travel experiences for less with “Explore”. Expert travel hacks to fuel your next adventure are a click away with “Discover” by momondo. Set up our “Price Alerts” to track fare changes and book when prices are at their lowest point.

How does momondo find its flight prices?

We compare prices from 700+ competitors to help you find the price that works best for you. momondo operates in over 30 international markets, bringing you access to a wide range of fares and deals. Search for your travel using momondo for a diverse range of options from airlines and OTAs.

Popular routes landing in Algeria

Compare flights to and from the nearest airports to discover the best prices and most convenient flight times
Montreal to Algiers Flights
Fastest flight time
7h 50m
Cheapest price
732 C$
Ottawa to Algiers Flights
Fastest flight time
35h 15m
Cheapest price
871 C$
Toronto to Algiers Flights
Fastest flight time
22h 30m
Cheapest price
1,044 C$
Québec City to Algiers Flights
Fastest flight time
34h 15m
Cheapest price
1,109 C$
Vancouver to Algiers Flights
Fastest flight time
23h 40m
Cheapest price
1,185 C$
Calgary to Algiers Flights
Fastest flight time
36h 55m
Cheapest price
1,259 C$
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