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Popular Cities in Senegal

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Hotels in Dakar
Best value
Villa Rosa
53 CAD
#1 Most popular
Terrou-Bi Beach & Casino Resort
281 CAD
#2 Most popular
King Fahd Palace
206 CAD
#3 Most popular
Hôtel Fleur De Lys Plateau
155 CAD
#4 Most popular
International Hotel Dakar
86 CAD
#5 Most popular
Wakola Hôtel Cheikh Anta
94 CAD
Hotels in Ziguinchor
Best value
Casa Motel
33 CAD
#1 Most popular
Hôtel Kadiandoumagne
73 CAD
#2 Most popular
Hotel Le Flamboyant
70 CAD
#3 Most popular
Hotel Nema Kadior
79 CAD

Senegal travel tips

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When is the least expensive time to stay in Senegal?

If you are looking to save a few dollars on your hotel room in Senegal, consider visiting the country in January as it is the least expensive month at just 127 CAD per night. Avoid booking a hotel room in September if you are looking for a deal; it is the most expensive month.

Where do most people stay in Senegal?

Out of all the tourist destinations in Senegal, our data shows that travellers tend to visit Dakar more often than any other city.

Which city in Senegal has the most expensive hotel rooms?

On average, 369 CAD per night will be the going rate for a hotel room in Dakar. This is about 257% more expensive than any other city in Senegal.

Which city in Senegal has the least expensive hotel rooms?

Our users typically find that Dakar has the lowest nightly rates in the country at just 15 CAD. Dakar offers hotel rooms at an average rate that is 85% lower than the average city in Senegal.

Most popular tourist destinations in Senegal

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Popular international routes landing in Senegal

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Montreal to Dakar
Fastest flight time
16h 10m
Cheapest price
1,018 CAD
Ottawa to Dakar
Fastest flight time
20h 35m
Cheapest price
1,029 CAD
Toronto to Dakar
Fastest flight time
17h 50m
Cheapest price
1,035 CAD
Winnipeg to Dakar
Fastest flight time
22h 25m
Cheapest price
1,313 CAD
Québec City to Dakar
Fastest flight time
21h 40m
Cheapest price
1,445 CAD
Vancouver to Dakar
Fastest flight time
20h 55m
Cheapest price
1,557 CAD
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