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Popular Cities in Cameroon

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Hotels in Yaoundé
Best value
Hotel Le Makombe
46 CAD
#1 Most popular
Hilton Yaounde
378 CAD
#2 Most popular
Tou'Ngou Hotel
69 CAD
#3 Most popular
Hotel Franco
138 CAD
#4 Most popular
Congress Hotel
82 CAD
#5 Most popular
Luxxor Hôtel
94 CAD
Hotels in Douala
Best value
Saffana Hotel
41 CAD
#1 Most popular
Loumia Residency
74 CAD
#2 Most popular
Modern 2Br Apt in Bonapriso
99 CAD
#3 Most popular
Résidence Le Carat Bonapriso
142 CAD
Hotels in Kribi
Best value
Centre Marilen
40 CAD
#1 Most popular
Hotel Tara Plage
54 CAD
#2 Most popular
Hotel Le Cardinal
45 CAD
#3 Most popular
Atlantic Hotel Kribi
64 CAD

Cameroon travel tips

Let us help you with the best tips about Cameroon

When is the least expensive time to stay in Cameroon?

If you are looking to save a few dollars on your hotel room in Cameroon, consider visiting the country in October as it is the least expensive month at just 64 CAD per night. Avoid booking a hotel room in February if you are looking for a deal; it is the most expensive month.

Where do most people stay in Cameroon?

Cameroon is full of enlightening and adventurous cities, but the most popular tourist destination is Yaoundé.

Which city in Cameroon has the most expensive hotel rooms?

Visiting and staying overnight in Yaoundé will cost you a premium compared to the rest of Cameroon. Expect to pay 483 CAD per night, a rate that is about 376% more than the country’s average.

Which city in Cameroon has the least expensive hotel rooms?

If you are travelling to Cameroon on a budget, plan to stay in Douala which boasts the lowest average hotel room cost in the country. Charging about 82% lower than the country’s average, hotel room rates in Douala are typically around 18 CAD per night.

Most popular tourist destinations in Cameroon

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Popular international routes landing in Cameroon

Compare flights to and from the nearest airports to discover the best prices and most convenient flight times
Toronto to Douala
Fastest flight time
18h 30m
Cheapest price
977 CAD
Montreal to Douala
Fastest flight time
15h 45m
Cheapest price
1,023 CAD
Ottawa to Douala
Fastest flight time
19h 35m
Cheapest price
1,125 CAD
Montreal to Yaoundé
Fastest flight time
17h 50m
Cheapest price
1,163 CAD
Toronto to Yaoundé
Fastest flight time
19h 15m
Cheapest price
1,204 CAD
Ottawa to Yaoundé
Fastest flight time
20h 20m
Cheapest price
1,215 CAD
Edmonton to Douala
Fastest flight time
35h 25m
Cheapest price
1,549 CAD
Québec City to Yaoundé
Fastest flight time
30h 15m
Cheapest price
1,972 CAD
Deer Lake to Yaoundé
Fastest flight time
34h 00m
Cheapest price
2,182 CAD
Vancouver to Douala
Fastest flight time
25h 10m
Cheapest price
2,483 CAD
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