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Hotels in Simpson Bay
Best value
Mary's Boon Beach Resort & Spa
135 CAD
#1 Most popular
Atrium Resort & Spa
162 CAD
#2 Most popular
Simpson Bay Beach Resort And Marina
150 CAD
#3 Most popular
Baker's Suites
166 CAD
#4 Most popular
Commodore Suites
215 CAD
Hotels in Philipsburg
Best value
Vicky's Keys - Hostel
48 CAD
#1 Most popular
Holland House Beach Hotel
358 CAD
#2 Most popular
Horizon View Beach Hotel
257 CAD
#3 Most popular
Sea View Beach Hotel
103 CAD
#4 Most popular
Alicia's Inn
130 CAD
#5 Most popular
Sint Maarten International Guesthouse
78 CAD

Sint Maarten travel tips

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When is the least expensive time to stay in Sint Maarten?

Visiting Sint Maarten in September would make for the least expensive trip at just 173 CAD per night on average. To save on your trip, avoid planning it during July, as this is the most expensive month on average.

Where do most people stay in Sint Maarten?

Our users tend to visit Simpson Bay more often than any other city when travelling to Sint Maarten.

Which city in Sint Maarten has the most expensive hotel rooms?

On average, 1,061 CAD per night will be the going rate for a hotel room in Simpson Bay. This is about 165% more expensive than any other city in Sint Maarten.

Which city in Sint Maarten has the least expensive hotel rooms?

Our users typically find that Philipsburg has the lowest nightly rates in the country at just 72 CAD. Philipsburg offers hotel rooms at an average rate that is 81% lower than the average city in Sint Maarten.

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