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Why book a vacation package instead of separate flights and hotels?
With momondo’s vacation packages, you don’t need to worry about booking everything separately, because flights and accommodation are included in the price, often saving you money. Vacation packages may also include additional extras such as transfers to help your vacation go as smoothly as possible.
Book your vacation package with peace of mind
By booking a package deal through momondo’s vacation package partners, you can rely on a single company to take care of your vacation experience from beginning to end. Many tour operators provide in-resort staff to provide local assistance and travel advice whenever needed ‒ helping you get the most out of your vacation.
Find your vacation easier, faster and at the best price
Booking a vacation package deal is a great option if you want to make your trip planning easier, faster and hassle free. Not only could you save money on your next trip by finding a great package deal, but you’ll also save time searching for hundreds of flight and hotel combinations. Tour operators often have access to great deals on charter flights, along with hotel discounts not available to the general public.
Pick a vacation tailored to your specific needs
Since no vacation is the same for everyone, you can quickly and easily filter your package deal choices according to what’s most important to you on your vacation. From price and review scores to amenities such as airport transfer and meals, finding the right package deal for your vacation is in your hands.
Book your vacation package in advance or last minute ‒ it’s your choice
If you’re planning your vacation in advance, some tour operators offer early booking discounts to help you get ahead of the summer vacation crowds. Alternatively, it’s never too late to find a package deal, even if you’re waiting until the last minute to decide where you want to go. From five star luxury hotel stays in exotic places to modest bed and breakfasts in the countryside – there are hundreds of affordable last minute vacation deals to fit any budget.