Looking for love? Find out which country is your best date

Ever wonder which country has the hots for you? Find out where you should go to meet your perfect country crush with our handy infographic

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Date 27th November 2015

We asked over 15,000 people from 15 different countries to tell us who makes their temperature rise, their blood start pumping, and their heart skip a beat …

If you’re from the steamy south (of Europe), you’re in luck. Women from all over the world flock to Italy, while the men make a beeline for the Spanish señoritas.

Sadly, for the cooler north, the days of the sexy, blond, blue-eyed Viking have come to a premature finish: Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and Finnish women all go down (south, that is) in their quest for love. However, Swedish men only have eyes for Norwegians, and Norwegian men only have eyes for Swedes!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our infographic, book those flights, and get packing! Search for flights and find your own country crush.

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Originally published

27th November 2015