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Date 21st December 2016

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it – so we didn’t. We just gave it a new suit. Our latest trip planner app is as powerful and as fast as it ever was – but now, it looks as good as it works.

momondo users are mobile users: 60% of you use the app at least once for hotel comparison and cheap flight research while planning a trip, and we’ve seen an 121% year-on-year growth in bookings via the app. In short – the app matters.

We’re constantly working behind the scenes, pushing out updates to keep up with the feedback we receive from you via the App Store and Google Play, but the last time we gave our app a makeover, it was 2013!

It’s about time. Not only were you eager to see a change, but you felt that the design was impacting your experience of the app: what worked perfectly three years ago, didn’t anymore. And we agreed.

Not only have we completely changed the look of the app, but we’ve also updated the feel. Improvements to the user interface, design and functionality, along with the introduction of new interactions, reimagine the entire travel search and booking experience, making it the most intuitive travel planner app available.

A beautifully simple flight search
A beautifully simple flight search

The most significant update – aside from the look – is the interface: all you have to do to move between cheap flight comparison, hotel comparison and your profile, is swipe.

Locations, dates and passengers are saved, so no whether you start with flight or hotel search, the other will automatically update with your chosen destination, dates and passengers, so all you have to do is tap to search.

Bigger images for hotel results
Bigger images for hotel results

As mentioned, you can now log in to your profile via the app. You can access your Fare Alerts, favourite flights and hotels, and of course, set all your preferences for the most seamless travel search available.

There are more filters available for both flight and hotel search, like airline alliances, maximum travel times and hotel chains so you can find exactly what you’re looking for with absolute minimum effort.

The hotel comparison pages have been refreshed with an improved Draw on Map feature (curious about hotels in a specific area? Just draw around it to see them!) and an enhanced photo gallery for bigger and better pictures.

Draw on Map for hotels in an area of your choice
Draw on Map for hotels in an area of your choice

All-in-all, the new design both looks good and makes the app far easier and more intuitive to use. It goes without saying that all the usual features, like Price Calendar and Timetable, are still available, letting you quickly see if you can save money by being a little flexible with your dates.

Clear and simple Price Calendar for a quick overview of prices
Clear and simple Price Calendar for a quick overview of prices

No matter if you’ve already got the app installed or if you’re a brand new user, make sure you’ve got a free profile to gain access to exclusive money-saving features, and to make sure your search is as personalized as it gets.

Download the latest update, and get the best hotel comparison and cheap flights app on the market! Find it on the App Store and Google Play.

Need some inspiration? Give Anywhere Search a twirl and see where the wheel of travel fortune takes you. Know where you’re off to? Check out our city guides, momondo places. They’re free, offline and updated by locals. With an ever-growing list of cities, you might well find yours in there.

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21st December 2016