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Beach & nature

The best beaches in Costa Rica

Set between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and surrounded by tropical rainforests, it's no wonder that Costa Rica boasts the best beaches in the world!
Beach & nature

Explore the underworld: 7 beautiful caves in Brazil

Discover what lies in the dark and murky subterranean worlds of Brazil. You might not want to resurface, once you discover the beauty of these magnificent caves

Mingling at midnight: the buzzy nightlife of Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is already famous for its party flavour, but where should you go to join in with the fun? Read more
Food & drink

Cocktail sipping in New York City

Thirsty in New York? Here are 9 cocktails bars where you'll get the perfect mix in your glass
News & tips

The best ways to meet locals while travelling

Talking with locals is a sure-fire way of really getting to know a new place, but just how exactly do you break the ice? Here are our favourite tips for taking that first step

Pucker up! 10 famous kisses in romantic locations

Fancy an epic kiss like they do in the movies? Get up close and personal with your lover re-enacting these famous kisses for the perfect lip-locked moments